I’m Ziyue Yang, a master student majoring in computer science, in Peking University.

My advisor is Yao Guo. My research interests include mobile systems, mobile app analysis, etc. I’ve got several publications:

  • Li, Y.*, Yang, Z.*, Guo, Y., Chen, X. Humanoid: A Deep Learning-based Approach to Automated Black-box Android App Testing. (ASE’19, Demo Track) (*: Co-primary authors)

  • Li, Y., Yang, Z., Guo, Y., Chen, X., Agarwal Y., & Hong J.I. Automated Extraction of Personal Knowledge from Smartphone Push Notifications. (IEEE BigData’18, Full Paper) PDF

  • Guo, Y., Li, Y., Yang, Z., & Chen, X. What’s inside your app?: Understanding Feature Redundancy in Mobile Apps. (IEEE ICPC’18, Full Paper) PDF

  • Yang, Z., Li, Y., Guo, Y., & Chen, X. UBAC: UI-Based Fine-Grained Access Control on Android. (SOSP’17, Poster) PDF

  • Li, Y., Yang, Z., Guo, Y., & Chen, X. DroidBot: A Lightweight UI-Guided Test Input Generator for Android. (ICSE’17, Demo Track) PDF